What If Antifreeze Gets in Automatic Transmission Fluid?

Answer It may seem like a rather remote possibility, but engine coolant, or anti-freeze can get into automatic transmission fluid. The temperature of transmission fluid is regulated inside the engine cool... Read More »

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How to Check If There is Antifreeze in Transmission Fluid?

If you think that you have antifreeze in the transmission fluid, you should avoid driving the vehicle until you determine if the two fluids have mixed and corrected the problem. This may involve dr... Read More »

What Solvent Cleans Up Automatic Transmission Fluid?

You can change your car's transmission fluid to save money and time--the process takes less than an hour and costs half of what you'd pay for a repair shop to do it for you. The only problem is tha... Read More »

What kind of automatic transmission fluid is for use in a Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishis with traditional automatic transmissions come with Mitsubishi Diamond: SP-1, SP-II or SP-III automatic transmission fluid. The MAG-1 Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid and the R... Read More »

How to Put In Automatic Transmission Fluid?

If an automatic transmission has difficulty shifting between gears, the problem may be a low transmission fluid level. Automatic transmissions operate under hydraulic pressure, and the fluid is wha... Read More »