What Ideas Are Incorporated into Uniformitarianism?

Answer Uniformitarianism is a geological doctrine developed in the first third of the nineteenth century. It resulted from the observations and thinking of several British scientists, notably James Hutton... Read More »

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What is the first substance incorporated into a blood clot?

The first substance that begins to form a blood clot is the platelet cell. Platelets are the first line of defense when an injury occurs to a vein or vessel. The cells stick to the injured area and... Read More »

How can fast food be incorporated into a healthy diet?

This is all about frequency, amounts and proper choices. You should always look to have a food that is low in saturated and trans fat, and ideally has more vegetables. Choosing a "better" fast food... Read More »

May a member of an organization request that a letter questioning a board decision be incorporated into the official minutes?

Absolutely, yes. If you are an owner and you want to question a board decision in writing, you can do so by writing to the board, stating your position, and requesting an entry on the agenda for th... Read More »

What is an incorporated company?

The corporation is the most popular business entity. Corporate entities range in size from one-man outfits to multibillion-dollar international enterprises. Despite these variations in size and fun... Read More »