Your 15 and you are reasonably good at photography you want to take it up as a career but to make a bit of money now you want to sell some pictures how much should you charge?

Answer You sound like a very enterprising young person. It will depend on the market, won't it? Say that you insist on charging $50 for a photograph because someone here told you to, but no one will pay i... Read More »

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What does wikipedia want all that money for?

Technological hardware and the staff to service it,but also:board members, lawyers, PR firms, hush money, etc.Guess which of those two categories gets a bigger piece of the pie?

I want to get the Ipod touch but i do not have a lot of money what sould i do?

Get a job.Obviously, if you cannot afford it, you need to raise the money for it.What kind of an answer are you looking for?This question kind of answers itself.If you need money, earn it.Not that ... Read More »

I want to become a dj but my mum said it sucks and no you dont make any money ! what can i do?

i am a Dj myself. I'm 16. and there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with being a Dj. but you of course need to have the right equipment to be a good dj. i have 10 speakers, 10 lights, the fog smoke mac... Read More »

I want attend college but i have no money. What kind of grants and scholarships can i apply for?

There's a scholarship essay contest going on at Lafango: Luck!