What I should be teaching 2 year old?

Answer really, you do not need to focus too much on structured academics. the best thing you can do for him at this age is provide plenty of time for play and exploration (which i am sure you do). buy som... Read More »

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I am teaching my 2 and 3 year old how to use the toilet what are some good techniques to use when teaching?

In the bathroom put a chart that has about 20 spaces in it. Then keep some stickers near by. Every time your child pee's in the toilet, put one sticker on the chart. Every time your child poops in ... Read More »

Teaching my 6 Year old?

Oh, yes it is. As a mom of six, I can truly tell you, 'now' is the time to instill all of this, plus the wonders of the Lord! This is especially important. Not only are the most receptive... Read More »

Teaching 3 year olds?

Manipulatives r blocks, legos, sand, beans, rice, anything that is hands on, you can have different centers, science, listening, art, and even music

End of Year Teaching Ideas?

Bring your school year to a close with warm weather activities that wrap up learning units and remind students of all they have learned and how much they have grown this year. Keep activities fun a... Read More »