What Holds Atoms Together?

Answer You probably learned early in your science education that opposite charges attract and like charges repel one another. The planetary model of Niels Bohr features the positively charged nucleus surr... Read More »

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What force holds electrons in atoms?

The electric charge force holds the electrons in an atom, according to David Slaven, professor at Morningside College. The electrons in an atom have a negative charge, while the protons in an elect... Read More »

What Holds Quarks Together?

Quarks are fundamental particles, which means nothing is believed to make up quarks. Thus, there is no force that holds a single quark together because nothing is smaller than one quark. However, t... Read More »

What holds the nucleus of an atom together?

The nucleus, the center of the atom, contains protons and neutrons. Protons have a positive electrical charge, while neutrons have no electrical charge. The strong nuclear force between protons and... Read More »

What holds protons together in the nucleus?

The electromagnetic force causes particles and masses of like charge to repel. However, protons in the nucleus of an atom are held together by the strong nuclear force, which is 137 times the stren... Read More »