What Helps Eye Lashes to Grow?

Answer Every woman wants to have long eye lashes. Long, thick lashes have been a coveted sign of beauty for centuries. However, not all women are blessed with this gift naturally. Cosmetic products suc... Read More »

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So is it true that Vaseline helps lashes grow longer and really good for the skin?

Vaseline does make lashes grow longer, and become fuller, and can serve as a mascara substitute. As for being good for the skin, it is great on hands, feet, legs, cuticles, arms...basically anywher... Read More »

How can i grow my eye lashes longer?

Vaseline. I did this and it works. It even looks like a mascara too. Clean a mascara brush and roll it in the vaseline. Then proceed to use it like a mascara. You can do this either at night or in ... Read More »

If you got your eye lashes and riped them out would they grow back?

i know a guy who burned his eyebrows and eyelashes, they all grew back. it took a couple of months but he is fine now. so yes they will grow back.

Products That Help Grow Lashes Long?

Women have used many cosmetic products over the years, such as lengthening mascara, to help give the appearance of long, flirty eyelashes. However, there are several products on the market today th... Read More »