What Height Should a 52-inch Flat Screen be Mounted on a Wall?

Answer This depends on the height at which the television viewer will be situated when watching it. The middle of the television should ideally be level with the eyes of the viewers. Experts differ on the... Read More »

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How can you earthquake your flat screen tv that is not wall mounted?

My 52" Sony actually came with a strap which is meant to be mounted to the wall behind the TV, to prevent it from falling over. This would not only protect from it falling over in an earthquake, bu... Read More »

Where can you find the best wall mounted flat screen televisions?

A good way to find the best wall mounted flat screen televisions would be to look at an electronic store's website and read buyer comments. There you usually find the pros and cons of each unit wit... Read More »

What height do you mount a 42-inch LCD flat-screen TV?

Typically you would want to hang an LCD TV at eye level, in relation to your seating in the room. However, you may also want to hang the LCD above a fireplace or mantle of some sort, which is also... Read More »

What height should a wall-mounted TV be installed at?

You have two options when choosing where to locate your wall-mounted TV. The first is to put it at a normal TV viewing height, about three to 3.5 feet from the floor. The other is to place it at "a... Read More »