What Happens when One Body in Space Blocks Light from Another Body?

Answer In space, when a celestial body blocks the light from another celestial body, this is known as an eclipse. On Earth, we have the opportunity to view two different types of eclipses: lunar and solar... Read More »

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Can your eyes be transplanted to another part of the body so you can see from another perspective?

There is some debate on the issue, but the general consensus is no. The problem is that the nerves are only going to the visual cortex of the brain from the eyes. That only the optical nerves are c... Read More »

What happens in the body when you have a vaccination?

when you get vaccinated your body creates antibodies for the specific disease you got vaccinated so when the disease strikes you are covered with antibodies to it.

What Really Happens When a Part of Your Body Falls Asleep?

Oftentimes, after keeping pressure on a particular body part for an extended period, you may find that it's difficult to move the limb or that it feels tingly, as if it's on pins and needles. This ... Read More »

What happens to your body when you drink water only instead of other drinks?

Water has no calories so you're not ingesting all the crap.