What Happens to the Digested Food in a Crayfish?

Answer The diverse crayfish diet includes live or dead vegetation, tadpoles, fish eggs, snails, numerous insects and algae. Their various environments, from North America to Europe to South Asia, dictate ... Read More »

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Where is the storage of digested food?

After the stomach and small intestine do their digesting job our food, it travels to the colon, also called the large intestine. This is where water re-absorption takes place, with eventual elimina... Read More »

What happens if you eat dirty food?

What happens to dried food?

Dry foods include anything from cereal to beef jerky. Food must be dehydrated to become "dried food."MoistureDrying food removes all the moisture from the food. Microorganisms need moisture to sur... Read More »

What happens when you choke on food?

You're airway becomes obsturcted causing a lack of oxygen to circulate through the lungs.