What Happens to Tomatoes If a Frost Comes?

Answer Many plants are very sensitive to weather and temperature variations. Tomatoes are especially vulnerable to frost damage. What happens to tomatoes if a frost comes is very frustrating for the home ... Read More »

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What happens if you spit out blood and it comes out of mouth?

You can have a bloody nose. the blood goes into your mouth. Just in case, go to the Hospital just to check you dont have TB.

What happens when you stabilize someone's head and ems comes?

We may ask you to. It depends on the situation. I work for a small service, alot of the time it is just 2 of us responding. So if you are holding c-spine correctly and don't seem to be traumatized ... Read More »

What happens to Willy's mother in War Comes To Willy Freeman?

She dies because she gets sick and then gets captured in chapter 4 from the British.

What happens if a live wire comes loose from an electrical outlet?

Electrical outlets fit into electrical boxes. When the outlet is pushed into the box the wires have to bend and become bunched up. Over time the wires might disconnect from the outlet if they are n... Read More »