What Happens to Surplus Animals in a Zoo?

Answer Housing their surplus wild animals is a major challenge for zoos. Zoological gardens devote increasing efforts to provide the animals in their collections with the best housing, diet, veterinary c... Read More »

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What happens to animals when they are not adopted?

The number of animals residing in shelters constantly changes, but the most recent data from the American Humane Association suggests significantly more than 4.3 million. All too often, these anima... Read More »

What happens to test animals deprived of selenium Does selenium affect the heart?

It has beneficial effect on liver diseases, It should not reach serum level of 400 microgram, or it can cause myocardial infarction as shown in several studies, mechanism not known.

What Is Surplus?

To have a surplus is usually a good thing. To quote Mae West, "too much of a good thing can be wonderful." Perhaps Ms. West should have used the word surplus to describe too much of a good thing. A... Read More »

What is consumer surplus?

Consumer surplus is a basic economic principle that describes the difference between the price an individual would be willing to pay for a certain good or service and the actual amount paid for the... Read More »