What Happens to Surplus Animals in a Zoo?

Answer Housing their surplus wild animals is a major challenge for zoos. Zoological gardens devote increasing efforts to provide the animals in their collections with the best housing, diet, veterinary c... Read More »

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What Is Surplus?

To have a surplus is usually a good thing. To quote Mae West, "too much of a good thing can be wonderful." Perhaps Ms. West should have used the word surplus to describe too much of a good thing. A... Read More »

What is consumer surplus?

Consumer surplus is a basic economic principle that describes the difference between the price an individual would be willing to pay for a certain good or service and the actual amount paid for the... Read More »

How to Buy Surplus Inventory?

Buying surplus inventory from retailers or businesses is a great way to invest relatively little money and resell those inventory items for a significant profit. The actual process for locating and... Read More »

Where do I go to buy railroad surplus?

the only places i know are on google - under desiel locomotives - i dont know about signs though - but they got engine parts - videos - and the places that sell just locomotive parts