What Happens to Roadside Plants When Salt Is Used to Melt Ice on Roads?

Answer When salt dissolves, it decreases the freezing point of the water. Consequently, salt is often added to icy roads in wintertime. Afterwards, however, the salt can sometimes have detrimental effects... Read More »

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What is used on roads to melt ice?

Trucks spread salt to melt ice on the road and sand to provide better traction when roads are icy. Salt lowers the melting point of salt so that it will melt at a lower temperature.Source:Frostburg... Read More »

How Does Using Salt to Melt Ice on Roads Hurt the Environment?

Snowy roads and icy bridges are the bane of drivers in the winter. Driving in those conditions is a perilous undertaking. Cities have fought this problem by de-icing roads so that most cars can mov... Read More »

What happens when you water plants with salt water?

Is rock salt used to melt ice dangerous for pets?

While most pets will not eat enough rock salt to be dangerous, ingesting it can lead to stomach upset. In addition, prolonged contact with it can lead to skin irritation. The same problems can occu... Read More »