What Happens to Hearing When You Go Down in Altitude?

Answer If you've ever been on a plane, you probably remember something strange happening to your ears, both as the plane was taking off and as it was descending. It comes on as a feeling of pressure in th... Read More »

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What exactly happens when a computer is shutting down?

Actually a hell of a lot goes on but basically:1. Closes all applications and any files those applications have open (you may be given opportunity to save files)2. Shuts down all services not requi... Read More »

What happens when you fall down a flight of stairs?

The damage done to the person might be affected by the fact that they might be falling backwards or forwards. If the person falls backwards they might hurt their spinal cord or their butt but if a ... Read More »

What Happens When You Cut Down Trees From the Tropical Rainforest?

Tropical rainforests help the Earth "breathe" by filtering out pollution. They absorb carbon dioxide and put oxygen back into the atmosphere. In addition to being home to plants and animals, which ... Read More »

What happens when a drink 'goes down the wrong way'?

When that happens, the flap that briefly closes the trachea ("windpipe") didn't quite make the closure happen in time. Since the trachea is in front of the esophagus, the liquid literally went dow... Read More »