What Happens to Computers That Are Recycled?

Answer Computers are now playing a major role in modern society in terms of information and communication. The target ratio for most manufacturers is no longer focused on one computer per household but on... Read More »

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What Happens to Paper That Is to Be Recycled?

Recycled paper helps offset the paper industry's environmental impact, because it is one of the largest polluters worldwide. The paper industry also ranks as the third-largest consumer of energy in... Read More »

What Happens to Recycled Batteries?

When sent to recycling centers, most batteries, from car batteries to household batteries, get taken apart and reused. Some of the parts are used to create new batteries while others get used to ma... Read More »

What Happens When Old TVs Are Recycled?

Instead of pushing your old TV into the attic or storage, consider recycling it. The term for electronic equipment that can be used for recycling is e-waste. To recycle your TV, take it to an e-was... Read More »

What happens to recycled paper?

Every day, households and offices across the United States put out paper they've collected for recycling, everything from telephone books to greeting cards. And every day, paper mills across the wo... Read More »