What Happens to Compost in Freezing Weather?

Answer Nutrient-rich compost is helpful for a productive garden in the warmer months. Compost uses organic materials, broken down, to produce a dark, soil-like material that fertilizes plants. It takes ti... Read More »

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How do you keep worms from freezing in your compost bin?

If the bn is in an enclosed space; a heat lamp or high wattage bulb may have good success.If bin is not enclosed; wrap bin with a heat tape (typically used for water pipes) and plug in.Ray Phillips

How to Loosen Lug Nuts in Freezing Weather?

Lug nuts can be extremely difficult to remove during cold, wet weather conditions. Moisture is able to collect between the lug bolt threads and the lug nut, as well as between the wheel and the bac... Read More »

What can I use to keep ice off of my driveway Weather is below freezing at night.?

use sand, not salt, if you have a concrete driveway. Any de-icer products or even fertilizers made with ammonium nitrate will chemically react with concrete and should be avoided. The best th... Read More »

How to Protect Flowers in Freezing Weather?

A frost warning is in the forecast. The evening is without wind or clouds, and the temperature is dropping. That usually means it is going to freeze during the night. You will need to go out and c... Read More »