What Happens to Compost in Freezing Weather?

Answer Nutrient-rich compost is helpful for a productive garden in the warmer months. Compost uses organic materials, broken down, to produce a dark, soil-like material that fertilizes plants. It takes ti... Read More »

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What can I use to keep ice off of my driveway Weather is below freezing at night.?

use sand, not salt, if you have a concrete driveway. Any de-icer products or even fertilizers made with ammonium nitrate will chemically react with concrete and should be avoided. The best th... Read More »

What are the technical specifications concerning using a laptop in freezing weather?

Wow, that's a really interesting question. Living in a warmer climate I can't say I've thought of that.Some quick research though indicates generally there are some problems operating laptops in co... Read More »

How do you keep worms from freezing in your compost bin?

If the bn is in an enclosed space; a heat lamp or high wattage bulb may have good success.If bin is not enclosed; wrap bin with a heat tape (typically used for water pipes) and plug in.Ray Phillips

What temperature should an outdoor pool be heated to for comfortable swimming in cold weather or freezing temperatures?

I think you should just adjust to the temperature of the water. I am a nationally ranked swimmer and I like the pool at 68-73 degrees. At a temperature of 82, you should only be in the water for ... Read More »