What Happens to Air Containing Water Vapor?

Answer All of the water on Earth is in constant motion, including water vapor in the air. The water cycle, sometimes called the hydrologic cycle, explains this movement. Within the water cycle, air contai... Read More »

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What happens when files containing large amounts of information are zipped?

According to Microsoft, zipping files that contain large amounts of information is a method used to compress the information into a smaller file size. You may benefit from zipping large files into ... Read More »

What Is Water Vapor Pressure?

Water vapor pressure is defined as the pressure produced by water vapor in the atmosphere. It is also called evaporation pressure or saturated vapor pressure, that which is exerted by a vapor in co... Read More »

What is the value of water vapor pressure at 320.88 k?

Numerous formulas exist to calculate the water vapor pressure at a given temperature. The Goff-Gratch is just one of these formulas, which given a 320.88 K temperature reveals a 82.583 Torr water p... Read More »

What is the vapor pressure of pure water?

The vapor pressure of water varies with temperature. Based on the standard measure of 20 degrees Celsius, water's vapor pressure is 2.3 kPa (kilopascals). Water has a boiling point of 100 degrees C... Read More »