What Happens if the King Dies in "WoW"?

Answer Players in the computer game World of Warcraft must join one of two in-game factions before they can begin playing the game. These factions are headed ceremoniously by computer-controlled character... Read More »

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What Happens to Dad's IRA If He Dies?

A person who owns an Individual Retirement Account pays no income tax on the money he deposits into the IRA or on any interest the money earns. The tax comes due when he withdraws money--which, if ... Read More »

What happens to the fetus if it dies in the womb?

It starts to decompose. It either comes out by itself or you need help from a doctor to get it out.

What Happens to the Inheritance If Someone Dies?

Making gifts at the end of your life can be a way for you to leave a legacy and impart one final good deed on your friends and family. If the beneficiary of your gift dies before you do, issues ari... Read More »

What happens when the queen bee dies?

The queen bee in a colony or hive serves as the hive's source of reproduction, as she is the only sexually mature female in the colony. When she dies, workers will attempt to raise another queen.Ne... Read More »