What Happens if You Kill Dwayne on GTA 4?

Answer One new feature that debuted in Grand Theft Auto IV was the ability to make choices. These choices affect the storyline and provide additional depth to gameplay. In the mission "The Holland Play," ... Read More »

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What happens when you kill a butterfly?

first of all time travel hasn't been invented so there will be no alteration And secondly nothing with happen if you kill a butterfly.....hope this answer your question.

What happens when you kill barney?

You cannot kill Barney, as he is a fictional character. However, if Barney were a real person, you would go to prison if you were to kill him.

On the TV show Heroes What happens if you kill Linderman?

The Doctor tried to phone Sir Alistair Lethbridge Stewart. "The Brigadier" From his days as a UNIT advisor. The Brigadier made a brief appearance in The Sarah- Jane Adventures, helping to access a ... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Dwayne?

The Think Baby Names website states that Dwayne is of Irish origin. The name is derived from the Gaelic word "dubh," which means dark or dark skinned. Baby Names Pedia states that the name refers t... Read More »