What Happens if I Wrongly Enter My BlackBerry Lock Code 10 Times?

Answer Protecting your BlackBerry smartphone with a password ensures that nobody but you and those who know your password can access your information. Research in Motion has designed safeguards into this ... Read More »

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What kind of consequences does a cps worker get for wrongly closing a case even when the person has been turned in four times and gets ordered to counseling and alcohol treatment and doesn't do it?

How do reset the lock code for an Ipod without the original lock code?

you reset settings in settings section in the i pod If you forgot the code:(Note: I did this in Linux, so you non Linux users might have a little more trouble) Plug your Ipod into a computer (Dock... Read More »

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How to Lock Your Blackberry?

Sick of your Blackberry calling people in your pocket and wasting your precious minutes or credit? Want to put a stop to your phone blasting out that embarrassing ringtone in a business meeting or ... Read More »