What Happens if I Drive My Car With a Bad Knock Sensor?

Answer Knock sensors are just one of the things that separate the newest generation of internal combustion engine from the previous. The knock sensor is your computer's "ear" on the engine; while it is im... Read More »

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Difference Between a Knock Sensor & Oxygen Sensor?

Knock sensors and oxygen sensors, or O2 sensors, function as sensing devices that detect variations in an automotive engine's performance. Knock sensors monitor the combustion cycle of the engine, ... Read More »

What Is a Knock Sensor?

If you feel an unusual knocking in your car, especially at high speeds, the problem may be a faulty knock sensor. This is an important engine part that serves two main purposes.

How to Fix a Knock Sensor?

All fuel-injected vehicles use at least one knock sensor. The knock sensor monitors excess vibrations in the engine then signals the computer. The computer uses the information from the knock senso... Read More »

How to Know When a Knock Sensor Is Bad?

The knock sensor is a small part on a car engine. It helps regulate the air-fuel mix that enters the engine and notifies your car's computer when the engine is knocking. It stops the fuel from expl... Read More »