What Happens if I Did Not Pay a Red Light Ticket?

Answer While running a red light may seem like only a minor traffic violation, especially if no harm came from it, refusing to pay the ticket can result in some dramatic consequences. Ranging from adding ... Read More »

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How to Fight a Red Light Camera Ticket?

If you've received a red light camera ticket and don't believe it's accurate in your case, here is what to do.

How to Fight a Red Light Camera Ticket in Texas?

Red light cameras were first installed in Texas in 2003. If you've received a notice in the mail that you ran a red light and were caught on camera, you must take action by the deadline on the noti... Read More »

How to Contest a Red Light Camera Ticket in Illinois?

Cameras are being placed on many intersections around the state of Illinois to catch drivers who occasionally run the red light. Although the premise of having red light cameras on main intersectio... Read More »

How much will insurance premiums go up for a ticket for failing to stop at a red light in North Carolina?

You will have to contact your agent or companies policy services dept for this answer, sorry.