What Happens at a Hindu Christening?

Answer The namkaran is the Hindu practice of naming a baby. The word "nama" means name and "karana" means to make or effect. The ceremony usually takes place on the twelfth day after a baby's birth, but c... Read More »

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How to Be a Hindu?

Hinduism is the world's oldest extant religion, with about one billion followers[1], which makes it the world's third largest religion. Hinduism is a conglomeration of religious, philosophical, and... Read More »

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How to Do Hindu Pushups?

This article would benefit from step-by-step photos. You can help wikiHow by adding photos to this article. Click here for instructions. Notice added on 2012-07-06.A Hindu push up is pretty interes... Read More »

The Hindu Diet?

Hindus refer to a millennia-old scriptural tradition for guidance on diet. This tradition has flowered into a sophisticated philosophy of the spiritual merit available through the proper conduct re... Read More »