What Happens When the Knock Sensor Goes in Safety Mode?

Answer Engine knocking refers to a problem that occurs in internal combustion engines during abnormal combustion, or when the air/fuel mixture combusts in the cylinder beyond the area designated for combu... Read More »

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What Happens When a Speed Sensor Goes Bad?

There are certain symptoms that will indicate a failing VSS sensor. These issues will cause major problems with the driveability of your vehicle, as the vehicle speed sensor is used by many of your... Read More »

What Happens if I Drive My Car With a Bad Knock Sensor?

Knock sensors are just one of the things that separate the newest generation of internal combustion engine from the previous. The knock sensor is your computer's "ear" on the engine; while it is im... Read More »

What Happens If a Heated O2 Sensor Goes Bad?

Oxygen sensors provide important data that is used by an engine's computer to adjust the air and fuel used for combustion. When an oxygen sensor fails, the engine operates less efficiently than des... Read More »

What Does It Mean When a Car Goes Into Limp Mode?

In the early 1980s, computerized vehicle control started with the emissions system, but soon computer use in vehicles became more prevalant. Today, computers control the heating and air-conditionin... Read More »