What Happens When a Torque Converter Goes Bad?

Answer Magnetic rollers are hard plastic cylinders with ventilation holes, called "magnetic" because wet hair seems to stick to them without the use of styling products. While magnetic rollers can create ... Read More »

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How to Tell When a Torque Converter Is Out?

A torque converter works similarly to the clutch on an automatic car or truck transmission. Problems with the torque converter can cause your transmission to malfunction and may cause lasting damag... Read More »

What Is a Torque Converter?

Torque converters are a type of fluid coupling used in almost all automatic-equipped vehicles. These components allow an engine to idle without a manually operated clutch and are now one of the mos... Read More »

What are the Advantages of a Torque Converter?

More than three-quarters of all passenger cars produced today have automatic transmissions, and almost all of those have torque converters. The advantages of a torque converter are well documented... Read More »

How to Unbolt the Torque Converter?

The majority of torque converters have three bolts, but there are some with four. Most torque converters require a nut on each of the bolts. The torque converter is bolted directly to the flexplate... Read More »