What Happens When a Motion to Compel Is Filed?

Answer A motion to compel can be submitted in both the criminal and civil context. It is a request from one party for the opposing party to reveal or turn over evidence that is considered material and per... Read More »

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What happens when a judgement is filed against you?

If you defend yourself in a debt lawsuit and lose or neglect to appear at the hearing after being sued, the judge will grant a judgment to the plaintiff. The plaintiff then becomes a "judgment cred... Read More »

What happens when a police report is filed against you?

Filing police reports against someone is only the beginning of a process. The eventual outcome of the report depends on the facts and specific circumstances. Either charges are filed or the matter ... Read More »

What motion is filed to attract a warrant?

An application for a search warrant is filed with the court. No actual court motion is necessary--court is not in session--in order to have a warrant issued. Written affidavits or testimonies provi... Read More »

What happens if I have not filed my taxes in two years?

All taxpayers who meet the filing requirements are expected to have their returns in to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on or before or postmarked by April 15. Taxpayers who neglect to file the... Read More »