What Happens When a Credit Card Collector Goes to an Arbitration Board?

Answer When you default on your credit card debt, the credit card company charges off the debt and sells your balance to a collection agency after 180 days. Because collectors buy debts for far less than ... Read More »

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Can personal property or a paid off condominium be taken by a debt collector to pay off credit card debt in Pa?

Creditors may certainly look to seize/attach your assets of most types to pay the debts you promised or obligated to pay and don't. They also get to recover any costs for having to act to have you ... Read More »

Binding Arbitration for Credit Cards?

Occasionally, legal or financial disputes arise between consumers and credit card companies. In such cases, credit card agreements allow cardholders to seek a "binding arbitration" hearing, which i... Read More »

How many times can a debt collector look at my credit report?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act says that any creditor with whom you have an account has permission to access your credit report. A debt collector to whom you owe money can review your credit report ... Read More »

Does a lawsuit by a debt collector affect credit score?

On One Hand: Nothing To Worry AboutThe mere filing of a lawsuit won't affect your credit score. Nothing will appear on your credit reports unless the debt collector wins in court and is awarded a j... Read More »