What Happens When a Cold Front Meets a Warm Front?

Answer A "front" is essentially a boundary. In meteorological terms, a warm front is the boundary line between a mass of warm air and the air surrounding it. By contrast, a cold front is the boundary line... Read More »

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What is it called when a cold front pushes into a warm air mass?

When a cold front overtakes a warm air mass it is known as a cold occlusion. A cold occlusion will result in a drop in temperatures, accompanied by changing wind directions and an increased chance ... Read More »

A Description of a Warm Front?

A warm front is the transition zone where a warmer air mass pushes out a cooler air mass. Because warm air masses are lighter and less dense, they tend to slide on top of the cold air masses as the... Read More »

What Are the Characteristics of a Cold Front?

Weather forecasters often talk of cold fronts that are coming or passing through an area. What this means to most people is that they need to brace themselves for cold temperatures. Yet, if you a... Read More »

What is the air mass called that follows a cold front?

A cold front is the leading edge of a cold air mass, which is typically called a continental polar air mass (cP), according to the University of Illinois. A warm front comprises the leading edge of... Read More »