What Happens When You Open the Mausoleum in Zombie Farm?

Answer Zombie Farm is a simple game designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In the game, the player has the ability to harvest an army of zombies. The maximum number of zombies a player can have on ... Read More »

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What does the mausoleum do on Zombie Farm APP?

Where is the mausoleum key in zombie farm?

You need to get three rusty pieces from loot by invading. Once you have the pieces you go to your storage and press them to make the rusty key. The you press use on the key to unlock the mauloseum.

What is the zombie camera for in zombie farm?

It gets you 100 coins everyday that you take a picture, but you only get coins once a day. There are also tasks that require you to take photos to get exp

What is the zombie pot in zombie farm?

You can put 2 zombies in it and combine them to get the lvl 25 zombies like zombee and imp zombie. Combining takes one hour. The zombie in the pot does not wither. If both your zombies are the same... Read More »