What Happens When There Is More Light in One Pupil Than the Other One?

Answer The human eye is a complex organ. It allows us to see, interpret shapes and colors, as well as dimensions of objects. Light enters the eye and passes through many components before it gets to the o... Read More »

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Can blind people have pupil reactions to light?

On One Hand: Blindness from Optic Nerve DiseaseAccording to Lee Ann Remmington, your pupil's ability to react to light depends on light being detected by your retina and the signal being transmitte... Read More »

Human Eye Pupil: I read the cornea magnifies the pupil, but by how much?

The magnification in the eye is carried by the Lens and the cornea, the pupil is just an aperture which helps selecting point of focusing the rays entering the eye so we can see near and far objects

What is the job of the pupil in the eye?

Pupils are round openings in the iris, or colored part of the eye. Pupils dilate (open) and constrict (close) to control the amount of light that reaches the retina. The pupils in both eyes are usu... Read More »

How can you get rid of a splinter in the pupil of your eye?

Don't do it.The pupil of the eye is the hole that the light enters the eye.If the splinter is inside the eye itself then only surgery will pull it out. It also means that the lens covering the pup... Read More »