What Happens When There Is More Light in One Pupil Than the Other One?

Answer The human eye is a complex organ. It allows us to see, interpret shapes and colors, as well as dimensions of objects. Light enters the eye and passes through many components before it gets to the o... Read More »

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What happens when one headphone is louder than the other?

With stereo earphones, it is often the case that certain parts of the music, perhaps the singer, will sound much louder in one earphone than the other. However, if everything seems louder in one ea... Read More »

Why is one pupil bigger than the other in a 2 month old baby boy?

check out google for something called congenital anisocoria.

Is it normal for the pupil of your one eye to be larger than the other?

Yeah, I don't know how common it is, but it's not unnatural or dangerous or anything. No part of anyone's body is perfectly symmetrical. Probably, your right eye needs more light than your left to ... Read More »

In FL if you file a comprehensive claim on a financed car when the quote is more than the costs to repair what happens?

Answer That's a question for a different forum. It depends on your parents and their ideals and ideology and income.