What Happens When Farmers Lose Their Land?

Answer Farmers, who can no longer afford to pay their debts, risk losing their land if they aren't able to get caught up. One possible scenario is contract farmers for large agribusinesses that mortgage t... Read More »

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How much land did the farmers take from the native Amazons?

According to Dr. Christopher Neill of the Marine Biology Lab, half a million of the Amazon's original 6 million kilometers have been cleared for farmland. An additional 15,000 kilometers are being ... Read More »

Who could farmers buy cheap land from in the late 1800's?

Farmers could buy cheap land from the railroads in the late 1800s. Northern Pacific and Union Pacific advertised cheap land to farmers and settlers who later had to ship their goods by rail. Many s... Read More »

How much land did Louisiana lose from Gustav?

Using satellite imagery, the United States Geological Survey, or USGS, took measurements of the land loss along coastal Louisiana after Hurricane Gustav on September 1, 2008, and Hurricane Ike less... Read More »

Can you get broadband without a land land line or at least with another phone company other than bt?

you can have several choices...thru cable...or a naked DSL-line( non-home-phone-line) or the best at last wif-fi got to see all your providers, and make a wise decision! the wi-fi ... Read More »