What Happens If the Oil Filter Is Not Put on My Explorer?

Answer Oil filters help to filter out impurities, dirt and grime that is released into the oil as it circulates throughout the engine. If oil filters are not regularly replaced then it could impact your E... Read More »

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What happens if i uninstall internet explorer and use only firefox?

nothing. You just have to set firefox as your standard browser (which it does automatically anyways when you load it the first time),otherwise applications which use the internet browser will not w... Read More »

What happens to a file that has been deleted in Windows Explorer?

Windows Explorer contains a safety net when users accidentally delete files on their system. The Recycle Bin is used to store deleted files, so a user can recover information.SignificanceBefore the... Read More »

What Happens If a Fuel Filter Is Put on Backward?

Automotive fuel filters come in a variety of designs and are located in different places. While some fuel filters are made to prevent installing them backward, some can be installed backward and ma... Read More »

What Happens When the Fuel Filter Is Clogged?

The fuel filter on a car or truck is a small but important device that is installed between the fuel tank and the fuel system and is responsible for filtering the fuel. If a fuel filter is not repl... Read More »