What Happens If You Squeeze Milia?

Answer If you ever looked in the mirror and noticed a few tiny white bumps resting just below the surface of your skin, you are not alone. Most adults and even newborns baby develop this skin condition, k... Read More »

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Milia in Adults?

By the time most people reach adulthood, they think they've got their skin all figured out. They understand their problem areas, developed regular skin care regimens and started aging prevention pr... Read More »

How to Extract Milia?

Milia occur commonly on both men and women and are often mistaken for tiny whiteheads. However, instead filling with pus and white blood cells, milia are made up of built-up keratin. While they don... Read More »

How Do You Make Milia Go Away?

Milia are one of the many bumps that appear on the skin as a result of skin cells and oil trapped in the pores, beneath the skin's surface. Milia differs from the blackhead, whitehead, and pimple i... Read More »

What Is Milia Skin?

Milia skin is skin that has small bumps under the surface, usually in one or two particular areas. Milia are little bumps that are filled with a white substance. They result from skin cells rejuven... Read More »