What Happens If You Put Yeast in Coke?

Answer Dropping a few Mentho candies into Coca-Cola (Coke) and other carbonated drinks creates an explosive volcano of sweet, sticky rain. But, what happens when other catalysts are dropped into carbonate... Read More »

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What Happens If You Bake With Inactive Yeast?

Typically when you think of yeast, a picture of high-rising bread or fluffy rolls baking in the oven comes to mind. But not all yeast is useful for leavening. Inactive yeast comes in cream or flake... Read More »

What happens if coke is mixed with milk?

Milk will separate when coke is added to it as coke is an acidic drink .Coke contains Phosphoric acid and it denature the protein present in milk.

What Happens When You Mix Mentos & Coke For a Science Project?

For years, scientists and laypeople alike have been startled by the dramatic effect created by dropping a package of Mentos candies into a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke. Onlookers are rewarded with a... Read More »

What happens if a female consumes 5 500gm tynenol with a coke?

well i am a surgeon and was a doctor for twenty seven years. From my studies it maybe be that the vagina hasen't been cleaned as often as need be,if the discharge is thick then you may have a bad y... Read More »