What Happens If You Mix Bromine & Acetone?

Answer Carbonyl compounds, which are compounds containing a carbon double bonded to an oxygen atom, are very important in biochemistry because they exhibit multiple kinds of reactivity. One of these is il... Read More »

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How to Neutralize Bromine?

Bromine and chlorine are both used to disinfect swimming pools and spas. Bromine remains more stable than chlorine at high water temperatures so it is commonly used in spas. Bromine is about as aci... Read More »

How was bromine discovered?

Bromine was discovered by two scientists, Carl Lowig, a German chemist, and Antoine-Jerome Balard, a French chemist, in 1826. However, Balard has been given full credit for the discovery because h... Read More »

Is bromine a liquid?

Bromine is a liquid at room temperature, unlike other nonmetallic elements. At one time bromine was added to leaded gasolines to prevent lead buildup in engines. Currently bromine is used in indust... Read More »

Why use bromine or chlorine in a spa?

The warm, wet, bubbly nature of a spa makes it appealing to us, but it also can make a poorly maintained spa attractive to microbes that can make us sick. Sanitizers kill the bacteria that can grow... Read More »