What Happens If You Do Not Do Muscular Endurance?

Answer The consequences of not working out your muscles and staying physically fit will vary depending on the person in question. Genetics, family history and exactly how little muscular endurance you do ... Read More »

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Why Is Muscular Endurance Important in Football?

Ever see a big defensive lineman huffing and puffing on third down, while a cornerback covers a receiver sprinting down the field for the third play in a row? Ever see a defensive lineman stay in o... Read More »

Why is Muscular Endurance Important in Sports?

When playing sports, a term that is often used is "endurance." Endurance is having the ability to do an activity for a long period of time. This is often the result of training for a certain sport ... Read More »

How do you get on endurance?

You'd go on discovery, then you'd click on endurance, "get on the show". Other than that you'd make a video of yourself doing something physically challenging, an send it to the discovery ... Read More »

How to Have More Endurance?

Need to build physical endurance? It takes time, patience and determination. Here are a few tips: