What Happens If You DOn't Floss Your Teeth?

Answer allow plaque to remain in between teeth it eventually hardens into a substance known as tartar. Unlike plaque which can be easily removed by brushing, tartar can only be removed by your dentist.Ove... Read More »

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Can i floss my teeth when having braces with a regular floss brush?

You can use regular floss but will need a flies threader to get under your braces. Your dentist will show you how. It is very important!

What should I do first, brush my teeth or floss my teeth?

I don't think it matters which order you do them as long as you do both.Me, I floss a little first, then brush, then floss one last time for good measure.

How often should you floss your teeth?

Answer It's recommended that you floss at least once a day. The reason you want to do it every day is that bacteria begins to colonize and start damaging your teeth within 24 hours.

How to Floss Your Dog's Teeth with a Coconut?

Ah, the coconut.It's great to brush your dog's teeth.. in fact it's recommended! But did you know you can floss your dog'steeth also? Not with human floss of course, but with a coconut!