What Happens If Motor Oil Is Not Changed?

Answer Your Jeep heater is blowing cold air and you're not sure why. Two possibilities exist. One is a stuck thermostat. The other possibility is a bad heater core. Replacing the thermostat is fairly easy... Read More »

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How often should synthetic motor oil be changed?

On One Hand: The Safe BetMost automobile manuals state that synthetic motor oil should be changed every 7,500 miles under normal driving conditions, which is about 2.5 times longer than conventiona... Read More »

What changed first when jamaica changed to the metric system?

Jamaica's first major change based on the metric system happened when they decimalized their currency in 1968 after the Jamaican House of Representatives voted to convert from the British pound to ... Read More »

If a mother remarries and stepfather adopts child and name is changed on birth certificate can the birth date be changed as well?

What is more powerful for a vacuum cleaner motor a 12 amp motor or a 110 watt motor?

A 110 watt motor is equal to a 1 amp motor... Versus a 12 amp motor, the 12 is more powerful. You've probably confused 110 watts with volts, as a 1 amp motor could not be used in a vacuum (it's too... Read More »