What Happens If I Sign a Contract But Can't Afford My Lease?

Answer A home or apartment lease is a promise to pay a landlord or rental company for the privilege of occupying a house or apartment. Most home leases -- which are legally binding, court-enforceable cont... Read More »

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Braces really bad and you cant afford them what can you do you need help?

I have seen this many times before even though I am only 15. Don't worry, there are ways of getting braces even thought you may not have the necessary funds to pay for them. Here's what you do: if ... Read More »

What happens if the defendant cannot afford the lawsuit settlement?

It does not happen frequently but sometimes a defendant in a lawsuit cannot pay the settlement amount. In such cases, the plaintiff and his attorney should exercise due diligence as a defense again... Read More »

When all the TV changes by law to HD-TV in 2009 What happens to the people who can't afford HD-TVs?

You can already buy set-top converter boxes to view digital over air HD signals! Of course the quality won't be true HD but you'll get as good a picture as your tv can display. I had an HD set in m... Read More »

My Girlfriend is studying to be a vet nurse but we cant afford the books !?

Look for used books, they are much cheaper. GOOD LUCK!!!