What Happens If I Don't Report Income on My Taxes?

Answer Every year, nearly everyone of legal age who receives some form of income must file a tax return with the Internal Revenue Service, as well as pay various state and city taxes to local governments.... Read More »

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What happens if you owe federal income taxes?

If you owe federal income taxes you must pay them promptly, or have additional sums assessed for interest and penalties. Those charges will keep mounting until you pay the tax and any other assessm... Read More »

What happens if I can't pay my income taxes?

On One Hand: Penalties for Failure to FileThe Internal Revenue Service urges all taxpayers to file a tax return even if they might not be able to pay their taxes at the time. People who owe taxes b... Read More »

How to Report Sales Income on Taxes?

Sales are earned from selling products or services to outside third-party customers. You must report all annual sales to the Internal Revenue Service when reporting your taxes. Companies also rep... Read More »

How Do I Report Hair Dresser Income on Taxes?

When you work as a hairdresser, you will earn income from a salary, and you will usually earn income from tips. It is important you report this income properly, or else you may be audited by the In... Read More »