What Happens During a Pedicure?

Answer After spending all day on their feet, many tired workers and home makers enjoy treating themselves to pedicures. A pedicure is a relaxing way to sit back and undo all the abuse that your feet have ... Read More »

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How to Massage Feet During a Pedicure?

When you give pedicures on a regular basis, you want to know how to properly perform all aspects of the salon treatment. Before polish is applied to the feet, the salon technician is expected to ma... Read More »

How to Remove Excess Oils from the Feet During a Pedicure?

So you would like to remove excess oil from your feet during a pedicure. No doubt one of the lovely treats you received during your pedicure was a nice massage, and before performing the massage st... Read More »

What happens during an orgasmn?

The human purpose is to breed, it is our biggest biological purpose and because of this, during orgasm you will be flooded with dopamine, the feel good chemical. Your body has it's own way of rewar... Read More »

What Happens During a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax is just one way of removing hair in the pubic area. While it can be done on both sexes, it is more prevalent among women in comparison to men. Brazilian waxing is a bit more extreme... Read More »