What Happens After the Activation Energy of a Chemical Reacts?

Answer Imagine that you have a soccer ball and you want it to cross a nearby hill so it will reach your friend on the other side. For the ball to roll down the other side of the hill, you have to kick it ... Read More »

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What is the value of the activation energy?

On One Hand: Activation Energy Is a ConstantReaction energy profiles typically show a curve with one (or more) peaks. The peak is an activation energy--the energy required for the reaction to proce... Read More »

The Definition of Energy of Activation?

The energy of activation is the amount of energy required to begin a chemical reaction. It is also called the "energy barrier," or the amount of energy that separates the reactants from the products.

How do you calculate energy of activation in catalysis?

This is to be calculated from at least two identical kinetic experiments1) only varying the temperature. Use the Arrhenius equation2): kT = A * e^[-Ea/R.T ] in which: (all in SI units: J, mole, K a... Read More »

What is the activation energy in cellular respiration?

Cell respiration is the way that cells use the energy from food to release energy. The process takes place in organelles called mitochondria, using proteins called enzymes. Enzymes speed up the rat... Read More »