What Happened to Enron's Wind Farms?

Answer The Enron scandal caused hundreds of people to see their life savings and retirement funds disappear overnight. However, Enron also possessed a subsidiary called Enron Wind, which at the time, was... Read More »

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Who owns wind farms?

There are a large number of wind farm companies and corporations in the United States and all over the world. They purchase large areas of land, install their own wind turbines, and sell the energy... Read More »

How many windmills are in wind farms?

A wind farm consists of multiple wind turbines collectively used to generate power. The number of turbines in a farm varies based on a variety of factors, including power requirements, cost and sit... Read More »

Are there any wind farms in Oregon?

There are dozens of wind farms in Oregon of varying size. They include Stateline Wind Project in Umatilla County, Klondike in Wasco County and Biglow Canyon in Sherman County. Upon completion in 20... Read More »

How can wind farms be harmful?

Wind farms are an alternative, renewable means of generating electricity. New studies are emerging that indicate wind turbines--the heart of wind farms--may come with some unpleasant side effects.N... Read More »