What HDMI cable do I get to use with my new Samsung 3D T.V and Samsung 3D bluray player?

Answer Save your money and buy the cheapest one with the best return policy (just to cover all bases in case you need to return it)HDMI cable is HDMI cable and no amount of advertising by Monster and Sony... Read More »

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How come my Samsung bluray player has trouble playing Pandora?

No,very much alive;he merely retired from Moodies.Has gout I believe.He suffered from health problems for a number of years and found managing it difficult while on tour (the band have an extensive... Read More »

Samsung BD-D5500 3D Bluray Player. Top part of the screen is tinted pink?

Which hdmi cable is needed for a samsung 1080p tv?

A cable can only transmit the information that is put into it. It won't improve a picture. advises that you not spend more than $10 on a 6-foot HDMI cable.Source:CNET Reviews: Which HDMI C... Read More »

How do you get audio through an hdmi cable from my rca surround system to my samsung lcd tv?

HDMI cables contain both the video and the audio signal, so you just plug it in and it should work.