How is this Greenday song..... Please rate the video?

Answer Its my favorite song at the moment, having the worst September ever!

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What is the song in the episode stew-roids by Family guy when the embarrassing video of Chris is playing in the gym?

Chicken Stew or Beef stew Which do you like better?

I'll please take the beef, thank you, Scooter!

What song / album was it that first got you 'into' music?

The first song that some one brought for me was Brotherhood of man - save all your kisses apparently at the age of 4 I loved it (I obviously had bad taste even then). When I first got into music w... Read More »

Why has this song and album been taken off YouTube?

Some albums are copyrighted, and a lot of record labels force Youtube to take down any videos containing that material. So unless you put the act that it's for entertainment purposes only, or sayin... Read More »