What Greek text was used for the Geneva Bible?

Answer The New Testament section of the Geneva Bible is based on the Greek version called the Textus Receptus. It was assembled from several ancient manuscripts and writings during the early 16th century ... Read More »

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What is the difference between the 1599 Geneva Bible& the King James Bible?

The first translation of the Bible from the original texts into English was printed by the Protestant Reformists in Geneva. King James issued a new English version of the Bible to be translated aft... Read More »

Who wrote the geneva bible?

Many scholars contributed to the Geneva translation of the bible from Greek and Hebrew which began in 1557. William Whittingham oversaw the entire project, and over 150 editions were printed betwee... Read More »

Does the 1599 Geneva Bible contain the Apocrypha?

The 1599 Geneva Bible edition does not include the Apocrypha, which is a collection of scriptures that was not accepted by the orthodox church. This particular edition became popular with many nota... Read More »

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There are many, many hotels in Geneva - including at the airport. Check travel sites like Expedia and Orbitz. Talk to a real travel agent if you don't find what you want online.There are no ski a... Read More »