What Greek invented the wheelbarrow?

Answer References to the wheelbarrow date to China in 118 A.D. However, there is evidence of a "hyperteria monokyklou (1 body for a one-wheeler)" in ancient Greece found in an inventory list from around ... Read More »

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Who invented the wheelbarrow?

The wheelbarrow was invented by Chuko Liang of China. A general, Liang used his invention to deliver supplies to injured soldiers. The early wheelbarrows in China had two wheels and required the he... Read More »

Who invented the first wheelbarrow?

The first wheelbarrows were created in China around 100 A.D., but the inventor's name is unknown. The original design was crude, and it was not until 13th century Europe that the wheel was moved to... Read More »

Which person invented the wheelbarrow?

The wheelbarrow was invented by Zhuge Liang dating back to the second century in China. It was made to transport supplies over the hard terrain of the battlefield. It had one large wheel with a woo... Read More »

What year was the wheelbarrow invented?

The Chinese were the first to create and use a wheelbarrow, around 100 AD. It was simply a box on a wheel and, according to The New York Carver, would have been difficult to maneuver. However, the ... Read More »