What Grass Seed to Use in a Sandy, Sunny Area?

Answer Planting the right type of grass under the right conditions is an important key to growing a lush, green lawn. When the soil is sandy and the area is exposed to the harsh conditions of a full sun f... Read More »

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Can you plant grass seed in sandy soil?

Some grass will grow in sandy soils. For cooler climates, select a fescue seed. Hard fescue, tall fescue and creeping red fescue are drought-resistant varieties that grow well in sandy soil. For wa... Read More »

The Best Method to Plant Grass Seed in Sandy Soil?

Every homeowner wants a green lawn. A beautiful lawn adds curb appeal, protects the soil from erosion, and makes you the envy of the neighborhood. Depending on the type of soil you have, growing gr... Read More »

How much area will 1 lb. of grass seed cover?

One lb. of cold season grass seed (creeping red fescue, fine fescue or Kentucky bluegrass varieties) will cover about 225 square feet. You'll get about twice the coverage if you're planting warm se... Read More »

How much grass seed is needed for a 2,000-square-foot area?

The amount of grass seed needed for a 2,000-square-foot area depends on the type of grass seed. According to My Home Ideas, a pound of some types of grass seeds will cover only 200 square feet, whi... Read More »