What Glass Can Be Fused?

Answer Glass fusing is the process of melting and blending glass products together in a kiln at high temperatures, typically between 1,100 and 1,700 F. Warm glass softens and becomes fluid in the kiln so ... Read More »

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What is fused glass?

Fused glass is an art form that is gaining popularity worldwide. It is sometimes referred to as "warm glass" because it requires significantly lower temperatures than other glass arts such as glas... Read More »

Fused Glass Making?

Glass fusion is an art form in which glass is arranged and melted together in a kiln. Fused glass can create jewelry, decorative pieces, art or window inserts. Though it may seem daunting, fusing g... Read More »

How to Make Fused Glass Rings?

People have been making kiln-formed glass for over 4,000 years. Fused glass is intriguing because the movement of glass in the kiln results in no two identical pieces of fused glass, even when the ... Read More »

Fused Glass Fish Projects?

Fused glass is an ancient technique. Examples of fused glass can be found from ancient Egypt, where people fused different colors of glass in a kiln to create various household objects and jewelry.... Read More »