What Gauge Wire Is Used on a 50 Amp Stove?

Answer The common household electric stove utilizes a 50-amp, 220-volt electrical outlet as a source of power. This heavy-duty outlet requires heavy-duty wiring. The most common wiring used is 8-gauge wir... Read More »

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What wire gauge is used for earwires?

Earwires typically use gauges between 18 and 24. The most popular gauges are 20, 21 and 22, because they comfortably fit most pierced ears, and are compatible with most earring styles.References:Ma... Read More »

What is 28-gauge bead wire used to make?

Crafters use 28-gauge bead wire for a variety of projects, but it is most commonly used for beads that are dense and heavy but have small holes, or for seed beads. Because 28-gauge wire is on the s... Read More »

What gauge wire is used for a hot water heater?

The wire gauge size is determined by the amp size of a hot water heater. Most residential homes will have an amp output of 30 which will require a wire gauge of 10 for the water heater.Source:Reno... Read More »

What gauge wire should be used with a 130 amp alternator?

Wire gauge (awg) for a 130-amp alternator will vary according to voltage and length. A 12 volt, 100 to 150 amp alternator requires 4 awg for less than five feet, 2 awg for five to ten feet, 0 awg f... Read More »