What Gauge Is a Battery Cable?

Answer A car battery has a positive and negative post. Most cars have negative grounds, which means there is a large cable connecting the negative post to the engine block. The positive cable carries elec... Read More »

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What gauge cable is for a 40-amp service?

The most common use for a 40-amp circuit in a home is for an electric range. Electrical circuits of this amperage require 8-gauge wire when coupled with a 40-amp breaker. If a 50-amp breaker is u... Read More »

How to Hook Up a Car Battery Gauge?

The condition of your battery is important to know when driving your vehicle. If the voltage drops too low, the vehicle may not be able to start the next time you turn it off, or you may not have e... Read More »

How to Wire a Battery Gauge?

There are two distinct types of battery gauges: a voltmeter that measures the battery's system voltage and an amp meter that registers the charging system's amperage. Both meters are useful devices... Read More »

How to Check a 12 Volt Battery Gauge?

The battery gauge in your car tells you what the voltage is of the battery that starts your vehicle. The battery in your car is a 12-volt battery, which contrary to its name, can run from 10-14 vol... Read More »